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  Dr. Ambrish Mithal
Chief Advisor

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  Dr. Usha Sriram
Vice President
  Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bhadada
  Brig. Satish Kukreja (Retd)
Honorary C.E.O
New Delhi
  Prof. Rajesh Malhotra
Orthopaedic Initiative
New Delhi
  Immediate Past President
  Dr. Nikhil Tandon
New Delhi
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  Dr. Vivek Arya
  Dr(Brig). M.K.Garg
  Dr(Brig). Narendra Kotwal

Dr. Ritu Trivedi


Dr. Sushil Gupta

  International Advisors
  Dr. Ajay Gupta
  Dr. D. Sudhakar Rao
  Dr. Cyrus Cooper
  Dr. Subhash Kukreja
  Dr. S. V. Reddy
Brig Satish Kukreja Honorary CEO (ISBMR) Lighting the Lamp Dr. Bina Bansal Lighting the Lamp Dr. Bina Bansal, Dr. Manoj Chadha Brig Satish Kukreja
Dr. Nikhil Tandon and Mr. Ashok Malik after lighting the Lamp
Brig Satish Kukreja Introducing ISBMR Interaction with the participants Dr. Nhikhil Tandon giving his talk Dr. Manoj Chadha giving his talk Dr. Ambrish Mithal giving his talk Dr. Rajesh Malhotra giving his talk Discussion of case studies by Dr. Ambrish Mithal
Dr. Rajesh Malhotra, Dr. Manoj Chadha
All participants of OE along with the faculty and staff 11th ISBMR Annual Conference -
Lighting of Lamp by the Chief Guest Dr George D'Souza
Lighting of Lamp by Dr. Ambrish Mithal Lighting of Lamp by Dr. Nikhil Tandon Dr. Ambrish Mithal addressing the delegates Dr. Nikhil Tandon addressing the delegates Dr. Teotia Memorial Oration Dr. MMS Ahuja Memorial Oration Brig. Satish Kukreja (Retd) being honoured with plaque 11th ISBMR Annual Conference - Inauguration ceremony 11th ISBMR Annual Conference - Session in Progress Preconference CME – Interactive sessions for the postgraduates Cultural Programme Fuller Albright Symposium Poster Session

The ISBMR was established in 1996 and registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act 21, of 1860, on the initiative of the founder chairperson Dr. Ajay Gupta, Nephrologist, Henry Ford Hospital Detroit.

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What's New @ ISBMR
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ISBMR Research Award 2012
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